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x cHarlS Rennie maCKInTOSh x b 1868 - 1928 b b maCKInTOSh DeSIGnS b

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was born in Glasgow on the 7th of June 1868. He was the fourth of eleven children.

At school he was academically poor but excelled in drawing.

Having never come across an Architect, he persuaded his father to allow him to start an apprenticeship.

He became an Artist, Architect and an Icon upon whom many looked.

He was a designer and his work ranged from Jewellery to Graphics. He designed all manner of things for domestic use: tables, chairs, mirrors, fabric and so on.

The centre of his many achievements was the design of buildings. Testament to his works can be found in ‘The Glasgow School of Art’, ‘ House for an Art Lover’ in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, ‘ Hill House’ Helensburgh, etc. Here can be found the vision and analytical precision of his work.

The ‘Willow Tea Rooms’ where also designed and furnished by C.R.M. and are still in constant use.

At ‘One by One’, using measurements taken from the originals, we produce a limited range of his furniture designs and accessories.

As each item is handmade using traditional construction methods, output is limited to order only.